INOMICS is an international service for students and professionals in economics and finance. We offer a search for conferences, jobs, programs, courses and economics resources that can be accessed online, or you can have your customized updates delivered to your inbox via our weekly Email Alert service.

INOMICS has been online since 1998 and is based in Berlin, Germany. You can meet our Team here.

INOMICS is grateful to the following organisations for their support in delivering our service:

Handelsblatt "The Handelsblatt Oekonomie Newsletter" with latest research trends in economics - keeps you up-to-date every Tuesday of the week.
RePEc.org Research Papers in Economics - A collaborative database system for economists.
Berlecon / PAC Analyst & Consulting firm focusing on qualitative and quantitative research of ICT markets.

INOMICS is part of an extensive network of prominent economics organisations and leading individuals in the field. You can read more about this on the INOMICS Network page.